Something OLD Is New

Digging through some folders looking for old material and artworks I came across some new old stock. The logo on the pictured surfboard is the original spiral that was introduced in 1987, at the time I was 22 years young. ...

In the barrel

Folklore isn’t Fiction

Shark Island- The name behind the icon. We have all heard folklore from time to time, explaining the many mysteries in our past. However, never had we heard one that strikes so close to home. Shark Island is an iconic ...

Old photo of North Cronulla Beach

Looking back…

Looking Back… A blast from the past. Cronulla in the 1970’s. Magnificent in every way. The humungous sand dunes that span across the horizon and the simplicity of the entire beach. It was certainly a different time back then. Here ...

Sott Dillion surfboard collage

Modern History

Recently we acquired a special old surfboard here at PCC surfboards. In the picture we can see this transitional board from around the year of 1968. This was the time that surfboards were radically changing in shape and performance. Shaped ...


Pre 1960 Balsa Pig

People of Cronulla are celebrating 100 years of surfing as of early February 2015. In 1915 the DUKE graced the shoreline of Cronulla, wooing the crowd with a never before seen approach to the ocean. 100 years later the surfing ...