Continuing forward with deeper understanding of surfing the recent vein shorter surfboards there is an obvious need for a unified every day short board for good surf

Working closely with Richi Vas and Fletch Hayler on this very precise outline and bottom curve adjustments, I have come up with a banner for this board named the PCC IQ+. The IQ+ gets it's name on behalf of being a smarter choice than your traditional (pre 2012) standard narrow surfboard shape.

The PCC IQ+ board performs very well in any decent surf up to 5 or even 6 foot. For a 73 kilogram surfer the IQ+ would be around 5’9” long X 18.6” wide. There are a number of expert riders using the IQ+ to great advantage right now as a thruster or quad fin set up. The major difference in all of these current designs has been the lessening of volume (hence weight) outside of your lever point or front foot, utilising the majority of buoyancy and surface area between the feet of the rider. These volume concepts in a surfboard arrive at a more efficient surfing design. These surfboards are available in a rounded square, round and swallow tail shape.

The PCC IQ+ (plus) spawned from the original IQ and has taken this shorter concept a little further for the expert rider looking for critical performance in more powerful surf. These boards are comparable in size to the foam length and volume the top level professional surfers are riding. I would say this model is as good or better than any performance short board I have built in almost 30 years of surfboard production. A number of expert PCC riders have labeled the IQ+ as the best performance short board they have ever ridden, which is nice piece of feedback indeed.

If you want more performance you can have it with the PCC IQ and IQ+