This is my journey into surfboard production, how it came about that I know what I know

My interest in art is to blame for wanting to build surfboards, aside from the obvious reason that is surfing itself. What better way to express yourself than with colour and design? So I went about answering this question...very slowly.

And here I am, some 34 years into a shaping career, talking about myself and what I do.

I began as the repair man and airbrush artist at G&S surfboards in Taren Point. That's where I learned the basics for most of the processes, and it's where I realised I had a strong desire to invent and to create excellent art. Fortunately I had guidance from amazing people along the way, people with history in the the industry and stories to tell.

Fifteen years ago I took the chance on renting a premises and starting PCC Boards. Having my own business came with greater responsibility, but also with greater rewards. Looking back now I can see that the challenges have allowed a clearer picture of my beliefs, my working relationships, and my customer relationships too – I like working with people that share similar passions.

And it's not always just about surfing; it's also about life and the many things we love to do

I'm passionate about many of life's loves - music, art, sport, nature – and I'm very grateful to have met so many fascinating people, shared little pieces of their stories as I create some stoke in their lives. When customers come back and talk about how they love a surfboard design, it gets me stoked. Like I've have been a part of that adventure.

Right now in my business, the times are exciting. Between the highly evolved state of surfing - in 2016 anyone can ride anything – and my own personal expertise, the possibilities are immense. Customers can bring any idea into my work space. We can look at the history of design, at different materials and construction methods, and then build whatever the customer desires. It's knowledge that gets us there.

This is my life's work, and it's ever evolving. All the thousands of pieces are either out there or yet to be made, they are all as important as each other, all essential parts in this pursuit.

Thank you for reading about my journey.