Classic LOG riding as a style of surfing, tends to attract people interested in the early roots of surfing and surf culture

Not everyone has access to a ridable old sixties log, there are just not that many to go around. At the PCC factory we are fortunate to have a couple of gem logs to draw inspiration from. Jake Bevan has a nice George Rice that he loves, a few years ago we started modelling logs from Jakes 9 foot 4.
In more recent times I have purchased a 67 Peter Clarke (from Cronulla) and a Keyo, that was built on the northern beaches.
The latest boards have turned out really nice, very true to the 60s style in looks and performance. There are a couple of styles available by order. The most recent build has fine rails like the Keyo or Peter Clarke, suited well to the beach breaks around Sydney.
An alternate to the lower rail version is the beach break log that comes in a little shorter with a slightly fuller rail.

white on white 9'3 log surfboard
Jake Bevan Cross step log riding paterson surboards
classic log cigar band

In the production of these logs the boards are glassed solid, using all six ounce cloth fibreglass, or six ounce volan if you choose. We use an old an style glassing technique that entails cutting laps,
solid pigments, pre sanding and finish coated final sands. The options to colours are pretty much unlimited within the guidelines of the glassing method.
If your interested in the possibilities … go to pccboards instagram page for clues on colours and design.

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