Fast Loose and Free - The Flat Fish

Flat Fish board in orange
Stuart Paterson riding a Flat Fish
Flat Fish

The FLAT FISH has been one of the most personally rewarding surfboards I have produced recently. The flat fish is high volume and solidly built, paddles really well into waves and rides really fast. The surfboard is recommended for knee to head high waves. The fins are twin keels from alkali fins in Ballina. We can glass them on or use a triple plug FCS system.

If your thinking of a fun shape to ride in all kinds of smallish wave conditions you could consider one of these.

At 80 to 83 kg I would suggest a 5 foot 8 or 5 foot 9 by 21 1/4.

The pictured boards are, at left 5 foot 9.
The surfing shot at centre is of a 5 foot 10 by 22 and the last shot is a 5 foot 5 for a surfer of about 70 to 73 kilograms.