Mid Length

One of the mainstays of  pcc surfboard range is the Mid Length Single. A versatile design for optimum glide, a retro feel with modern performance. The pictured board is 7 foot 2 by 22 with almost 3 inches of thickness. At 7 the foot 2 mark,  this would be considered a smallish to medium sized mid length. These shapes work well all the way up to 8 foot, in all kinds of surf. The size depends on the desired use and body weight of the rider.

I match these boards with a custom pcc designed solid glass fin fom Alkali. I have been working closely with the guys from Alkali for a few year now, these fins are performing really well in a number of pcc boards

These 1970s style single fins are usually glassed solidly, built to last as they were way back. The traditional glassing method gives the user the option to customise their colours how ever they choose. As shown in the pictured example which is my personal board, we have an olive green pigment all over and glassed on 9 inch fin.

Mid Length Bantha

The mystery of the late sixties meets all of surfing history, spits out the unwanted bones, sprinkles a little sy fi folk lore, fast forward to the BANTHA Mid Length …..

Based on the tracker of 68 69 which had some beautiful curves and outlines, over all though the design was held back in a few areas.

In this Bantha Mid Length I have toned down in roll under the forward area, widened in the the turning and planing areas. A modern classic fin design in the right proportions is fitted into a 10 inch box. The bottom curve is very similar to the originals, the over all foil is way thinner in the tail, more refined to the rail.

With all this tinkering included and tested, we now have the BANTHA Mid Length. A highly functional single fin that can do all kinds of wave sizes before things start to get crazy.

Lets say, one foot to overhead waves.

Personally I consider this a surfboard a relatively under used modern retro gem.

Available  in a 7 foot 4 to an 8 foot 2 —- yes !