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Rice 1960s Master-built Story

Hello kind readers.

Hand made surfboardToday we have a unique story on the pictured log, a re build of a 1964 ish surfboard built by George rice in Victoria.

I decided to build this on behalf of team classic surfer Danny Cook. The board has a one off quality for many reasons. The first being the timber stringer, the wood used here was given to me from a good friend who was stripping the exterior of his house, the timber is 40 year old Australian cedar, beautiful to the eye and a joy to work with. The blank was hand shaped from Dion foam, which is about a 4 hour process from go to woe. The glassing was also done by myself. I used the old style cloth that is called volan, which leaves
a green tinge to the glassing, especially on the rail where the layers are doubled over. The pre sanding and finish coat were all my work. For this hands on approach I have labeled this one as being master-built.

The fin is an Australian made Alkali 11 incher, made in Ballina.

Over all a very classic surfboard, as you can see from the images.

I have had the pleasure of watching the Danilama surfing her, one of the joys that I have experienced of late.



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