Up & Down


Up & Down

January is a time for moving about. People who are lucky enough to have some time without their regular duties tend to get away. Road tripping is one thing that all surfers would be familiar with. We all love to get on the road to go up and down the coast in search of waves. As the year gets into swing the ocean has thrown up a mixed bag of tricks. Most days there has been at least some kind of wave to get up on, with a few scattered very good days. I have posted a shot below to emphasise the summer get away road tripping feel. The rider is Fletch Hayllar, looks as though he is having a ball. Fletch is on a 5 foot 2 mini simmons which he has informed me that he is loving riding. In Fletches’ words ” it’s about how differently I am approaching each wave, feeling the speed and flow of the waves through the planning ability of the mini simmons. It’s addictive, I can’t seem to get off the thing”


As surfboard makers here at Pcc Surfboards we have been out looking for some waves and testing our craft in the summer conditions. There is a little footage of some surfing and some more interesting vision of work in progress coming up on this page. So please tune in again.




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