Under 50 kg rider Class


Under 50 kg rider Class


Here are a few little numbers that have just been completed this week, mid Feb.

All three boards are different in their concept, all three are derivatives of the current models in the shop. The common denominator is that all three boards are custom ordered for young budding surfers of 50 kg or less. The slight variables are in place to enhance these boards for these next generation surfers. We all know that these guys will gain full adult power in the near future, for now there are some important points to consider as a shaper. Firstly, the growth rate of the rider, the experience thus far in surfing and the expected or forecast period of use before an up grade will be looked at. These three boards have all had these ingredients included for each personal riders appointments.

The colour designs have all be thought up by each respective owner. There is a small amount of artistic interpretation included to make things work in the flavour of a PCC surfboard. The essence of each design was ultimately conceived by the young rider/designer, I think they look great together. Painting surfboard artworks for the kids and watching there reactions are a really fun part of the process that keeps us all buzzing about doing the work.

Thank you, Marli, Jullian and Nathan.



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