Coming into a new year we are proud to be able to share the launch of our first effort in short film making. The topic of focus is on the little 5 foot Mini Simmons now owned by the camera man, film editor and budding tech guy Alex Tracey. As mentioned in the youtube description, the video was shot using a Sony NEX 5 through an old and desirable 55 mm Pentax manual focus lens that I have. Alex has done a great job in taking the viewer into close up views and angles that depict the focus and expression from Roger and myself that is required to produce these artistic pieces of surfing equipment.

The production of a board like this styrofoam and CET epoxy Simi Simmons in the video would normally require 10 or so hours of design and labour. We have compressed that amount of time through some interesting editing, down to the length of a longish song of 4 min 50 something seconds. The Captain Beefheart song Topical Hot Dog Night fit the percieved time we were attempting to achieve with a video perfectly. Mr Beefheart’s song bounces along with the action of surfboard production perfectly.

To share what we have created here has been an exciting project, one that we are proud of. I hope you enjoy the insight into the making of the MIni Simmons at PCC Boards, have a great TROPICAL HOT DOG NIGHT.


Shaping, painting, sanding, fin production-Stuart

Glassing, tiniting, sanding, fin installation-Roger

Filming, editing, sound editing-Alex

Thank you for getting this far.





Stuart Paterson

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