Press Release – Surfboard Exhibition


Press Release – Surfboard Exhibition

Surfboard Art

The White Tracker surfboard


PCC BOARDS is proud to announce an exhibition of hand shaped, unique surfboards for your eyes and minds. The board pictured on the left, The 7 foot 6″ -TRACKER- is just one of 10 limited edition artworks that will be available on display.

The exhibition named –ALL BY HAND– is being held on Sat the 21st of September @ the PCC factory 34 rear Kareena Rd Miranda.

There will be an opportunity to win one of your choice of these one off products on the day. Also live music, movies, BBQ and beer, maybe even fairy bread !

The opening will start at 2pm – continuing to late afternoon, early evening.

More information about this special day coming soon.


Stuart Paterson

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