Surfboard Shaping Now


Surfboard Shaping Now

Computer surfboard shaping


Through digital drawing of the surfboard blank, the surfer is able to watch their feedback incorporated directly into the surfboard design. The process creates a completely accurate foundation for the board that is then machine cut.

Later in the factory shaping room Stuart goes through the refining hand work that is needed for a perfectly finished product.

After many years of shaping with jigs and machines there is a trend emerging for the interest back to complete hand shaping. There is a call for both in the modern world of surfboard construction, we can accommodate both here at pccboards.

There are arguments that have to-ed and fro-ed for decades about what is right or perceived the better way. The question is un answerable, only relative to the desire or situation of the people interested.

In the picture above – taken by Craig Stroe from – we can see the process taking place in the nerve centre of the surfboard factory.

Craig of has recently posted some insightful shots and wording, as a small view into what happens in the shapers world. Go over there and take a look at Craig’s site, there are some great post of daily waves, surf reports and more  at



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