Blue Shabby Log


Blue Shabby Log

9'3" Log with shabby pigment finish SINGLE FIN LOG 

Classic log riding is something most people interested in the roots of surf culture are into. Not everyone has access to an old sixties log, there are just not that many to go around. Recently I have been working on a shape that has much of the old attributes aligned with a little bit of now. The outline is very much like the mid sixties log of around nine feet in length. The bottom shape is not quite as rolled, leaving the rails a little fuller than the tightly pinched originals, this gives the surfboard a more forgiving entry through turns and trimming. We use a single 10 inch fin box which gives the rider the ability to as a pivoting or raked flex fin. With the fin box installed there is a little room for adjustment at any time, in or out of the waves, all you need is an FCS key and your done. The fin box gives the surfer the added advantage of fin removal for travel. The fins we recommend are supplied by Captain Fin Co.

In the production of these logs or runners as I like to name them, the boards are glassed solid, using all six ounce cloth fiberglass. In the glassing process we can ad any variations of exciting resin tinting and pigmenting which is happening right now at the pcc surfboard factory. Classic tints, fabric inlays, knee patches or wild shabby textures. The possibilities are endless.

The featured log in the picture is a 9 foot 3 by 22 and 3/4 inches. The thickness is right on 3 inches. A whole lotta fun to ride in some running surf from one foot to over head.

This one is in the shop now and available for a test ride.

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