PCC IQ+Here is an email I received today from Stuart Nettle. Stu is the editor at

Stu was given his new board around the 25th of December as a gift from his lovely partner. There was not a lot of information or details regarding size and colour, as this gift was to be a surprise. All I knew was it had to be for good waves mostly. I am also aware of what Stu likes to surf, as I have made at least a dozen boards for him over the years. The email was a great affirmation regarding the new IQ+ that has been very well received.

“Hey Pato,

The new board is going fucking fantastic! Got my surfers mojo back and I’ve been surfing 3-4 times a day, every single day. Don’t wanna get carried away but it could be the best board I’ve ridden in the last five years. May even be one of those ever-so-elusive magic boards. It’s that good.

I’m heading down to the Yorke Peninsula on Wednesday. Looks like we’re gonna get a bit of swell and I’m very happy knowing I’ll have something good under my feet.

Speak soon,

The pictured board is an example of the IQ+ with olive tint and shabby sanded black panel. Unfortunately I did not have a shot of the above mentioned board, this one is very similar and interesting to look at to say the least.

Happy new year from pccboards.



Stuart Paterson

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