TRACKS magazine Ed rides PCC


TRACKS magazine Ed rides PCC

TRACKS mag ed

Current TRACKS SURFING MAGAZINE editor Luke Kennedy has been riding PCC surfboards for over a decade. Yesterday Luke called in to the workshop late in the afternoon to talk about how things were progressing in the new work space. We spoke about how surfboard design was changing as the sport matures. There seems a more diverse challenge in production these days, every one from to tour professionals to weekend surfers are looking at design and materials with a broader mental perspective. In the shot here Luke is picking up my latest short board progression a 5 foot 10″ rounded square tail IQ+.

We also discussed his new order that is being made at the moment. Luke has ordered a 5 foot 6″ Stuey Diver made from styrofoam-no stringer with CET epoxy coating. This is a super light small waver performance board for smaller waves that we tend to ride throughout the summer months. When this latest one of Luke’s is complete we will post a shot to view.

Luke and I have enjoyed many long discussions over the years covering many topics, usually starting on surfing, going all the way around the block or up the garden path and back to some surf related topic ending the conversation. From a personal perspective building surfboards comes with many rewards, none more than feeling intuitively you have nailed exactly what your mate was asking for. From the reaction and looks I noticed from Luke, this board seemed as though she was a winner in his eyes. This latest IQ+ is working well with the few that have gone out the door thus far. The IQ+ is the optimum in short board design for surfing good waves  at a high to excellent level of surfing ability. I am hoping to hear good news from Luke in a week or so on how the IQ+ feels for him, fingers crossed for some good waves.



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