PCC Mini Simmons The Aubergine


PCC Mini Simmons The Aubergine

The Mini Simmons has been gaining interest and momentum recently on the east coast. These ultra fast, fun to ride planing hulls have been popping up more and more around the local surf breaks. In these few shots we see Dave “Cabbo” Halyard getting his first new feelings of his new Simmons experience at Sandshoes and Wanda Beach, Cronulla. The board  Cabbo is riding is 5 foot 5 inches by 21 1/4 inches wide stringer-less polyurethane blank. Coated with an aubergine tinted polyester resin, fitted with twin fin FCS keels.

I have in my possession a similar board to this one in the pictures except my version is made of styrofoam and epoxy coating. I have been catching up with Dave frequently enquiring about his experiences on the new hull. In his words Cabbo relates “this is so fast and so much fun, it is unreal I can’t get off it” which brings excitement to my mind as I know what he is feeling through my own sessions.

It is great to relate and share the feeling the mini Simmons brings to your surfing, I hope I get the opportunity to share the feeling with other enthusiasts. There are a couple of these babies in my shop if one would like to view a new one or test ride my used version.




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