Cronulla Surfboard Repairs-

Part of the work of making custom surfboards is being able to repair them. In the embryonic stages of my surfboard making life, my first experiences with fiberglass was with repairing surfboards. I have fixed many thousands of surfboards and overseen many more thousands of surfboard repairs. This aspect of my business is an important service to surfers. We are always coming up with more progressive ways to repair surf craft, no matter what the composition or build.


Sanding a surfboard ding repair


Regardless of the style of board you have we can repair it (within reason, some surfboards are just too far gone)


As production methods and materials evolve our repair technology rides the same waves.





Here are a list of boards that we often are questioned whether we are able to repair, to which the answer is, “Sure we can”.


BRAND of surfboard material used


STANDARD polyester

Firewire Surfboard ding repair

FIRE WIRE epoxy and balsa


FIBER-FLEX epoxy + carbon


EPOXY any brand

NIPPER BOARD epoxy + styro foam

RACING MAL epoxy + styro foam

BALSA polyester + epoxy

TIMBER KIT polyester + epoxy

SOFT BOARDS variety of glues



We can also remove your old grip and refit a new one, clean off old wax and start a new wax job and tune your fins and edges as an extra service.

Three to five working days are required to turn around most repairs. If there is significant water damage there may be a longer drying time required, depending just how much water has been absorbed. We also offer a pick up and drop off service if you are unable to get to us in the Cronulla, Caringbah, Miranda area. This will attract a small additional cost each way.



Below is a basic price list and rough guide relating to work carried out. An accurate quote can only be give on inspection of damage.


FCS fit one new plug $50

Fixing the tail of a surfboard

FCS fit 2 new plugs $90

FUTURES new plug $90


Small ding $40

Large ding or rail $60

Chipped nose $40

Chipped tail $40

Snapped nose $80 to $150


All epoxy repairs attract a slightly higher charge.

Colour matching included in the above pricing.

This business is about a holistic approach to surfing knowledge. If you have any questions about your design, damage, fins or your surfing accessories, we have many years of experience to offer. Bring your surboard in and we’ll see if we can answers your questions.