All By Hand – PCC Surfboard Exhibition

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AllByHand - Grey w squareAllByHand - grey with square top

6 foot 10 Balance grey

Grey Area
This Balance is a fuller shape, shorter version of the yellow Balance.
Everything exists in the grey area suggests a hint of life into surfing or surfing into life. We work for a moment of living in a place that is already coexisting as the seconds tick away. The notion is not so much about this board, rather an over view of what surfing can potentially represent. If that is a little deep, we can just say it is a 2 tone grey surfboard.
Recommended for surfers any size up to 90 kg plus.
A 9 1/4 inch Alkali or larger flex fin would suit.
Alkali fin of your choice included.
ALK - George 9.25

ALKALI – George G 9.25










5 of 11 sold prior to exhibition!

The missing board

During production of this series of boards number 5 was lusted after and bought up by a group called WESTRACK. These guys who wanted a yellow board of beauty to gift to one of their employees who recently turned fifty. The board they bought was the original of the 7 foot 2 balance which is featured here in the show. We rebuilt the 7’2 to replace it’s position, the exhibition became eleven boards even though the intention was always to be 10 works.






AllByHand Yellow square tail topBhagawan bottom

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bhagawan plastic

This pale orange baby plastic machine represents good fun and fortune. The surfboard follows a journey different to others in it’s contours, extreme and complex though simple to the eyes. Modelled from the iconic 1967 transitional board named the fantastic plastic machine of around the 8 foot mark. This is a smaller version in length still with generous volume and huge contours. A real thing of beauty, very much a one off.
This one is glassed similar to others in this exhibit, solid colour laminates and filler coats. The finish looks plastic as it’s namesake.
A large fin is required to hold the bottom, a 10 inch Alkali Greenough is included.
surfboard fin

ALKALI – George G 10






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7 foot 2 Balance yellow

AllByHand - yellow w square topAllByHand yellow pintail bottom

The Balance is a concept board that is inspired from the name. What goes here was over there,
like night and day, yin and yang.
The Balance is very much the same or similar at each end within reason of function ability. The shape comes from a very flat blank. The curves are produced from planing the object equally at each end from
opposing sides.
The rails are close to 50 50% – larger roll taking off each side – the words give the image of balance as much as the look and feel. Suited to small surf and over head. This one would suit almost any weight.
This one has the potential for fin experimentation, slide glide, drive.
I would like to use a large flex 10 inch Alkali, included.


ALK - Flex 10

ALK – Flex 10










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